resin bonded driveways

Blackpool & Northwest Resin Bonded Driveways

There are lots of benefits in looking at a Resin Bonded and aggregate driveways especially in Blackpool and the northwest. They are very resistant to weeds and oil spills, they do not fade too easily in the sun and are low maintenance. This method works because the natural stone is held in place with an epoxy or polymer resin.

People can get confused because there are many names used to describe this method commonly used by manufactures and driveway installers to describe the resin and aggregate surface systems. Some refer to it as resin bonded gravel, resin bound gravel, resin bonded stone, resign bound stone,

Benefits of a resin bonded driveway

A resin bonded driveway option could be the best choice for your needs and there are a number of factors that would contribute to this decision. For a start the resin bonded driveway is a cheap driveway option and a much more cost effective way of improving your driveway appearance because it can be applied over existing tarmac.

A resin boned driveway is durable and will last you a long time because of the composition of layers. The top being sealed aggregate, resistant to weather and high pressure.

Resin bonded driveways are extremely durable, this is due to their composition of 4 layers. The surface layer is a sealed aggregate which is resistant to extreme weathers and high pressure such as driving over it.
Resin surfaces are also porous and don’t let water build up on your driveway.

Possibly the most cost effective method of installation when looking at a resin bonded surface is to lay the resin and stone materials over an existing tarmac or concrete driveway, path or patio. To add to the effect Budget Driveways will usually excavate the edges of your existing drive and block edge around the resin.

Depending upon your situation there could be two costs to consider when installing a resin bonded driveway. This would be the laying or overlaying cost if your driveway is currently a tarmac or concrete driveway and in the case where the surface is not even or stable such as block paved driveways, there would be a cost in these cases to remove and prepare the surface before fitting the resin bond.
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